Stunning rare translucent Lavender and white Jadeite.

Condition: Vintage carving with some chips/rough spots along ears. Its right ear has chips all along the side. The left ear has a rough spot but is in tact. It is not noticeable unless you're looking for it.

Elephants with their trunk up symbolize the showering of good luck and protection.

WEIGHT: 361 grams

SIZE: 4.5" long, 2.75" tall


Metaphysically speaking, ~Lavender Jade is a stone for connecting with angels; It radiates pure light attracting angels to those who wear it. It is believed to fill one with spiritual nourishment when touched or gazed upon. This is the stone of Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Purifies the soul and helps one to release guilt. ~ WHITE JADE is believed to have Divine light inside the stone; It has powerful healing energies of purification; It brings peace and calm; It increases good luck and strengthens friendships; It is believed to be excellent for self healing and soul cleansing.

4.5" Large Lavender Jadeite Elephant Sculpture Trunk Up - Good Luck Blessings

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