Gorgeous Old Stock hand-carved Chatoyant Tiger Eye LUCK & WEALTH flower bowl from Idar-Oberstein, Germany 1940's-1950's. This was carved from quality Tiger Eye - EVEN THE BOTTOM IS INTRICATELY CARVED. It measures 5.75" from leaf to leaf x 3.60" AND is 1" tall and weighs 301 grams (11 ounces).

There are no chips or cracks, only a few natural inclusions and a few veins of hematite. The center carved area can also be used to hold a sphere with room around it for other tumbled stones. ****One of the PICTURES SHOWS A LARGE SPHERE - NOT INCLUDED***


This would make a superb addition to your meditation or reiki room, devotional altar or for any spiritual work.

METAPHYSICALLY, TIGER EYE is Known as a superb attractor of wealth and luck. It enhances psychic ability, stimulates the rise of kundalini energy, creates a high vibrational state while also creating a grounded state that is both from earth energy & the energy of the sun. Protective, aids one in accomplishing goals, an *Excellent stone for manifesting your desires! Helps one figure out what they truly need as opposed to what they want.

Large 5.75" Vintage Good Luck Home Blessings Tiger Eye Gemstone Bowl - Germany

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