Gorgeous vintage red lithium muscovite gemstone bowl Metaphysical uses: A MUST HAVE FOR THOSE SEEKING GUIDANCE AND ENLIGHTENMENT During Life Transitions - Helps bring one into PEACE and HOPE.

SIZE: 4.25" wide, 1.5" tall.

WEIGHT: 244 grams


Metaphysically, Red Muscovite brings one love energy from heaven. It will aid you to find your spirit guide as well as help connect you with loving angels. This stone will also keep you protected from lower energies while making contact with the spirit world; it has a very strong vibration that provides psychic protection and seals your aura from any negative energies. A root chakra stone, it gently raises kundalini and guides you into your personal power. -Lithium Quartz will bring you to the higher realms facilitating spiritual growth. Its beautiful sweet energy will gently move through the body, healing the aura and activating all chakras. It helps one release tension and anxiety; an excellent stone for deep meditation that allows for loving spirit connections.

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4.25" Large red Muscovite Quartz Gemstone Bowl - Spiritual Realm Guidance

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