ACTIVATED Rainbow moonstone crystal skull with blue flash and raw area on one side.

SIZE: 2" long, 1.6" tall

WEIGHT: 87 grams


Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of Moonstone: NEW BEGINNINGS - EASY TRANSITIONS - LUCID DREAMING - CLAIRVOYANCE - INTUITION - ENERGY AMPLIFIER - PROTECTION - RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS ---MOONSTONE: The stone of new beginnings, strongly connected to the moon & intuition, encourages lucid dreaming, said to enhance psychic abilities & clairvoyance, balances emotions, brings serenity. ========================================================================== ***This skull is fully activated and has been cleansed in sunlight , light from the full moon and charged and blessed with Reiki . My skulls have been awakened using crystal tuning forks and the large quartz crystal master skulls I work with.


disclaimer: Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with, NOT in place of, professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues, or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issues. Our products are tools for Lightworkers, Crystal healers, Reiki practitioners and those on their Metaphysical &/or spiritual path . By purchasing this product you are stating you understand that : I/ This shop/ We do not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes. Metaphysically speaking, it is believed crystal and gemstone skulls can be programmed to support the spiritual healing of oneself or others and allow one to manifest answers to life's issues.

Activated Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Skull - Intuition, New Beginnings

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