Crystal Grid Pendant featuring Peaceful Chrysocolla, Grounding Smoky TOPAZ & PERIDOT with BIWA pearls .925 Sterling Silver Pendant measures a big 2 3/8 inch long!

Metaphysically speaking, CHRYSOCOLLA: AIDS MEDITATION COMMUNICATION, BRINGS TRANQUILITY, INVOKES INNER STRENGTH, calms cleanses and charges all chakras, held to the 3rd eye it aids in psychic vision, inspires creativity, aids in inner balance & self awareness, alleviates guilt and brings one joy. SMOKY QUARTZ: excellent grounding & anchoring stone, stress relief, protection, aids in eliminating nightmares, manifesting desires. PERIDOT: cleansing, refreshing & invigorating. Symbolizes the energy of natures world, provides protec ***THIS IS A VINTAGE ITEM

Large Sterling Silver Crystal grid Peace Pendant Chrysocolla Smoky Topaz

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