VIBRANT TURQUOISE CHRYSOCOLLA MALACHITE polished free form charging plate / dish / palm stone. PURIFY the energy of a person, place or thing! This is an excellent WAVY FREE FORM dish/charging plate/ palm stone to help one LET GO of anything that is binding. Place your intentions / prayer requests, cleanse energy, charge jewelry etc. Highly polished top, lightly polished and raw bottom. Main Colors: Bright vibrant turquoise, deep rich greens

Size: 3.10" x 2.25"

Weight: 88 grams

Metaphysically, CHRYSOCOLLA brings one into harmony and tranquility; powerfully calming and peaceful; enhances meditation, quickly bringing one to a deeper state; purifies a person, place or thing; cleanses and calms all the chakras. *TURQUOISE is highly protective and was used as a talisman for Kings, Warriors and shaman. It is calming, refreshing and wise. It brings good luck, love and joy. Like quartz, it is highly programmable. It will raise your energy vibrations while you are setting specific intentions. Turquoise will attune you to all that is spiritual. It strongly resonates with both the third eye and the throat chakra making it a very powerful high energy stone for those wishing to access psychic information, past lives, clairaudience & clairvoyance abilities, and channeling via automatic writing. *MALACHITE is believed to be a powerful & protective stone; amplifies energy; absorbs negativity; when used on the heart chakra it promotes harmony and brings balance; helps one break unwanted ties.

Vibrant Turquoise Chrysocolla Malachite Palm Stone Charging Plate - Release

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