This is a VERY RARE, MULTI POINT golden amber / honey yellow calcite ELESTIAL with 'Angel Wing" terminations, the crystal is filled with intricate facets, etchings and glowing rainbows and weighs just under 2 Pounds. Nice and Glassy! Metaphysically speaking, the etchings are believed to contain information regarding the past, present and our future destiny. Terminated 'Angel wing' points. There are several 'glowing rainbows and phantoms' inside as well.

COLOR: ranges from SOME white on the bottom to golden yellow in the middle to rich honey-amber at top

-pictures were taken outdoors. In inside light the crystal is deeper and richer in color - the top being darker than the middle section.

SIZE: 4.90" x 4" x 2.75"

WEIGHT: 876 grams / 1 POUND 15 OUNCES

The piece can stand 2 different ways. (as shown on the side and also standing with the Angel wing points up This skeletal-like 'Angel Wings' formation is extremely rare for calcite as is the size of this beautiful gemmy VINTAGE specimen. The crystal is naturally 'glassy', not polished. *Metaphysical uses: Perfect for your Reiki or meditation room! Some key METAPHYSICAL words / phrases associated with this stone are: SPIRITUALITY - WISDOM - AMPLIFY ENERGY - CLEANSE - PURIFY - JOY - HAPPINESS - CLEAR STAGNANT & NEGATIVE ENERGY - REMOVE KARMIC TIES - MELD THE SPIRITUAL CHAKRAS WITH THE PHYSICAL CHAKRAS - ENHANCE CREATIVITY - INNER PEACE - OPENS PSYCHIC ABILITY CHANNELS - HELPS CONNECT TO THE SPIRIT WORLD METAPHYSICALLY Speaking... ALL CALCITE : A spiritual stone, gives one serenity, amplifies & cleans energy, makes one feel more energized, Self trust, Aids in overcoming difficulty, helps ideas come into fruition, Brings hope when all seems lost, Speeds spiritual development, makes one more aware of their natural psychic abilities, facilitates channeling and astral travel. YELLOW OR GOLDEN CALCITE: is said to: be excellent for meditation, relaxation. HONEY/ Amber Calcite: -Draws Divine and Angelic Energies into ones being -Excellent for connecting to the spiritual realm during meditation -Amplifies Energy -Enhances psychic ability -Facilitates Motivation to accomplish goals and desires & helps one manifest their ideas into action.-Eases the stress of New Beginnings -Activation of ones Personal power through the Solar Plexus chakra -Brings joy, happiness and optimism -Rapid Spiritual Growth -Will help dissipate limiting beliefs such as the belief one does not 'deserve' or that achieving prosperity is not possible.

Very Rare 2Lb Gemmy Angel Wing Calcite Etched Elestial Standing Crystal

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