This is a larger size 4" gemstone bowl featuring a hand-carved gold enameled goddess figure. Rainbow moonstone and black tourmaline solid stone bowl.


The bowl is 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall

210 grams - just under 1/2 pound.

A beautiful decorative piece for your meditation, reiki, altar and other spiritual work.

 Metaphysically, Moonstone is a stone of NEW BEGINNINGS - EASY TRANSITIONS - LUCID DREAMING - CLAIRVOYANCE - INTUITION - ENERGY AMPLIFIER - PROTECTION - RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS ---MOONSTONE: The stone of new beginnings, strongly connected to the moon & intuition, encourages lucid dreaming, said to enhance psychic abilities & clairvoyance, balances emotions, brings serenity. *Spiritual / Metaphysical Properties: ---

Metaphysically, Black tourmaline: This is a lucky and Powerful stone. Protects one's aura and brings energy into the root chakra raising kundalini; Deflects all negative energy, including psychic attack. Very Grounding, it increases physical vitality. Additionally, tourmaline transforms heavy energies into higher & lighter energies, excellent for protection, BLACK TOURMALINE protects against all negativity & ill-wishes, increases stamina, clears negative thoughts & encourages a positive outlook.

4" Large Moonstone Gemstone Bowl - Hand-carved Goddess

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