Gorgeous Deep CLEAR purple fluorite bowl in a large size! Smoky purple edges. Polished to a smooth glass finish. The natural fractures are smooth as glass as well, NO chips or rough edges. This is a HIGH Quality vintage piece.

SIZE approx . 6" x 4.1/2" wide and 2" tall

Weight: Just under 1 pound at 14.05 ounces / 398 grams


Metaphysically speaking... FLUORITE: Excellent for cleansing the Aura - PURPLE: Aids meditation, increases psychic development, spiritual peace, helps us commit to our spiritual path. METAPHYSICAL Uses: An amazing crystal healing stone addition for meditation, reiki, spiritual work, many metaphysical uses, crystal grids, devotional offerings, magick, manifesting, altar work and more.

Vintage 6" Large Clear Purple Fluorite Gemstone Bowl

color: purple
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