Gorgeous light blue jade awakened Crystal skull. Fully activated and Reiki charged to facilitate mediumship development; communicating with your spirit guides and deceased loved ones. The color ranges from the palest blue to light creamy blue-gray to streaks of sky blue. Metaphysically, Blue Jade: *is a stone of total tranquility and spirituality that will allow you to lift the Veil between worlds. *It is an excellent choice for those wishing to become a psychic medium and communicate more clearly with their spirit guide. *It will help you push forward on your spiritual path. *It will deepen meditation and greatly enhance messages from spirit. *Will help facilitate automatic writing

SIZE: approx. 3" long, 2.5" tall

WEIGHT: 315 grams


Pictures taken in natural indoor light.

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Activated Light Blue Jade Crystal Skull - Clairvoyance, Automatic Writing

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  • Natural blue jade