Sparkling White topaz vintage ring, gemstone approx. 8x10mm, Slightly Oval stone, Solid 10k yellow gold setting with openwork. Size: 8.25 Weight: 2.8 grams Would make a gorgeous engagement ring! Metaphysically, CLEAR / WHITE TOPAZ: traditionally said be the stone of good fortune & love; helps one become aware of their deeds and thoughts and the karmic effect; clears past life issues; allows light to be shed regarding your current life path. Enhances manifesting & visualization, heals the soul, activates spiritual awareness, removes stagnant & negative energies, clears the aura, facilitates changes of all kinds *helps one to trust the universe and just "be". *recharges the meridians - energy centers of the body

Viintage 10k Yellow Gold White Topaz Ring - Solitaire Gemstone

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