This is a nice chunky sterling silver Bracelet and earrings set featuring black obsidian with Carved tribal Faces. The earrings are screw backs. All pieces are marked. Size: Bracelet: 7.5" long, 1.25" wide, Earrings: 7/8" long. Set Weight: 83 grams.

Metaphysically Black Obsidian will powerfully draw off negative energies. ground the soul to the physical plane. bring strength to the wearer, strongly protect, provide deep soul healing from current and past lives. clear confusion & bring clarity,,A very powerful stone*** *Silver: Attracts and holds the properties of the crystal or gemstone it is encasing, transits those energies and also removes negative energies from the body or area where it is placed. It also strengthens the astral and physical body connection via the "silver cord"

Vintage Black obsidian Sterling Silver Bracelet and Earrings - carved faces

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